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"This haunting, lilting sonic atmosphere features some subtle, yet evocative lines and loops by Bill Frisell. The arrangement is weird and beautiful, as Gabriela's voice plays the part of an impassioned sprite weaving spells of mystery and longing."
Michael Molenda - GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE, May 2007

The new (and long-awaited) album from the wonderful Argentinian singer-songwriter is every bit as lovely as her previously work, dreamy, poetic, and full of emotion. Able support from Bill Frisell and an all-star band fills out the sound atmospherically, but the stage belongs to the voice and words of Gabriela. This is craft that's become art, gentle and beautiful. (U.K)

GABRIELA: Like A Novel

"You couldn't say she's in any hurry. It's been seven years since the Argentine musician Gabriela has enchanted the world with her album "Viento Rojo". She has since then continued her work with Bill Frisell. Gabriela raves about him and about bass player Viktor Krauss -- also a longtime Frisell collaborator: 'All of Bill's energy goes into his music, which is why he's so shy. But once you've accepted that, you'll find out what a wonderful person he is. And Viktor Krauss isn't just an excellent bass player but also a great songwriter.' In fact, he composed the music for 'Crime In The Blue Motel,' from Gabriela's new album "El Viaje" (Intuition/Sunny Moon). Only after he had finished it did she write the lyrics to the song -- for her, a rather unusual way of creating: 'I just liked the music so much and thought that something sinister and mysterious should go with it, something revolving around darkness and crime. Then, the words simply came pouring out.' Normally, Gabriela's songs are created the other way around: 'The story comes first,' says the musician. 'It's like walking your dog and letting your thoughts and ideas flow.' This stream of ideas has led now to eleven rich, lyrically morbid jewels of songs, recorded in Frisell's hometown, Seattle. The fact that no percussionist was part of the band makes the already smoothly undulating songs even lighter. Frisell's guitar play is accompanied by Steve Moore's keyboard and Eyvind Kang's viola. Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine produced "El Viaje", giving the sound more crispness and depth. For her next album Gabriela doesn't want to take this much time, adding, however, 'My albums are like novels. It takes a long time until I am fully satisfied with them.'"
--Rolf Thomas - JAZZ THING MAGAZINE, September 2007

Gabriela´s introspective, worldwise vocals is a stunning blend of Argentine folk music and contemporary jazz………entrancing from start to finish.

The Argentine singer/songwriter ,Gabriela, presents Detras del Sol, a small masterpiece.

Argentine singer/songwriter, Gabriela, has inherited the poetic gift of Pablo Neruda.

Unique moments of expressive vocalism, Detras del Sol is a CD between day and dream, how nice that such things still exist!

Her intensely passionate voice expresses the pathos of love and hope, loneliness and desperation, life and death.

Sensational, how this voice tenderly soars up high, seemingly to the verge of breaking, only to change, in a moment, into a low, warm, purr.

Viento Rojo resembles a red, warm desert wind blowing from the Argentinian Pampa all the way to Europe.

Viento Rojo, songs sung in Spanish,full of longing, over which Gabriela´s unique singing sends a gentle breeze…

Viento Rojo is a nocturnal record………exquisite sounds, floating like dust in the desert.
PAGINA 12 (Argentina)

Viento Rojo, Gabriela´s new album is all about mood, music imbued with an almost zen-like quality.

Viento Rojo is a CD to be savored like an elegant meal in a faded old hotel; the CD to play when it´s too hot to move, the air is rippling in the heat, and the sun seems like it´s stuck up in the sky forever.

Gabriela´s music is definitely heavenly and not of this world.
KCFV 89.5 (U.S.)

Gabriela has become well known over here. VIENTO ROJO will be loved by her listeners for its bitersweet mixture full of associations with melancholic Western guitars and Gabriela´s soft, smoky voice.

If you´re looking for the right soundtrack for a romantic evening then Viento Rojo is our recommendation. A wonderful, warm, thoughtful disc.

The music is very intimate and creates goosepimples. Viento Rojo, with its quiet fire is predestined to accompany thoughtful and sensuous moments.

Gabriela is a remarkably lyrical singer-songwriter whose work suggests people working on the cutting edge of the genre. Viento Rojo is a true gem of a record.

Gabriela has a quality in her voice that I love…this disc, Viento Rojo, has changed my life…

Detras del Sol and Viento Rojo are two perfect discs. Gabriela´s luxurious voice, her songs tame and powerful as dunes, music to listen to in the subway when strangers´faces hit you like steel and you need to float…
LA NACION (Argentina)

Argentine singer and songwriter Gabriela has a divine voice; soulful, earthy ? no, downright sexy would best describe it…The songs are a blend of surface simplicity masking a deeper, more complex whole that creeps up in strange and beautiful ways; Gabriela´s voice is urgent and slightly smokey, drifting on top of music that is never insistent and impossible to ignore.
CMJ New Music Report